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Element is the Student Ministry here at Trinity United Methodist Church in Birmingham, AL. Our student ministry exists to REACH nonbelievers for Christ, to CONNECT with other Christians, to GROW in our faith, to SERVE those in need and to HONOR God with our lives.

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    If you’re new, we want you to visit our “top of the funnel” events. These programs are specifically designed for students who are just checking things out. We want you to feel welcomed and have a blast. These are great events for inviting friends.


    Small group programs are for students who want to take that next step in their faith by volunteering with serve projects as well as connecting with other students in a small group setting. The focus is to give back and grow with others.


    These core programs are aimed toward students who are actively seeking to grow deeper in their faith and be leaders in the ministry. Many of the core programs are organized and led by students with little, if any, direction and follow-up from adult leadership. These students must be ready to take on new challenges and lead their peers in ministry.

  • David Thompson Family Pastor

    David has been the student pastor at Trinity United Methodist Church for over 10 years. He grew up in Tuscaloosa, majored in graphic design at Montevallo and lived in Huntsville for 3 years before moving to Trinity. His wife’s name is Tina and they have 4 beautiful daughters. David played handball for the USA and he’s pretty good at ping-pong too. He love sports, music, and potato sack races.
    David once fought a bear with his bare hands and barely made it out alive. Let him know how he can help you get plugged into ministry.


    Robert is the student pastor here at Element. Robert has been working with students for over seven years; five of which here at Trinity UMC. Robert grew up here in Birmingham and graduated from Birmingham-Southern College in 2012 with a degree in religious studies and went on to get a Masters in Youth Ministry from Memphis Theological Seminary. Robert is now working on his certification as the first real life Power Ranger. No luck so far. He and his wife Brittany love great coffee, hiking, bon fires, tacos, CrossFit and N*Sync.

    Tori Tenniswood Middle School Director

    Tori Tenniswood’s real name is Virgina McFaremount. She came to the Element Student Ministry as an undercover agent for a top secret organization known only by its codename, “AGLET”. It’s still unclear what her assignment entails, but so far she’s been doing a great job with her cover as our Middle School Youth Director. Virgina refuses to use the stairs and instead deploys a mini grappling hook that pulls her to the second floor. There are grappling hook marks all over the railings. Please don’t tell anyone of her true identity. We don’t wan to blow her cover!

    Trey Hill Worship Leader

    Trey Hill’s bio would go here if he wasn’t so silly. However, his silliness is preventing him from writing a bio. So we are left with this. Our suggestion is to email Trey (thill@trinitybirmingham.com) and annoy him until he writes a bio.

    Kate McKnight Youth Director

    Kate is a huge fan of Star Trek: The Original Series. She loves attending comic book conventions dressed as her favorite TOS alien, the Gorn. She also loves the board game, Settlers of Catan and spends most of her income on expansion packs and limited edition sets. likes to pretend that our office is the Enterprise and frequently screams, “Beam me up, Scotty!” while sending emails.

    Parker Stech Media & Web

    Parker Stech hails from Southern California and recently moved to Alabama with his wife, Hollie, and their four kids. Parker loves comic books, coding apps, being a supermodel for a high profile fashion magazine in Italy, modding nerf guns, playing Mafia, Mao, & Posque, and all sorts of other nerdy things.

    Liza Spencer Intern

    For a large portion of her internship, Liza hobbled around with crutches and a boot on her leg. When asked what happened, she’ll humbly tell that it wasn’t anything amazing and she just accidentally injured her leg. In reality, Liza was skydiving over the jungles of Wakanda when out of nowhere, she collided midair with a shark.



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Things are always happening at Element and we don't want you to miss any of it!

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